Signs of Parental Allienation

The child constantly and unfairly criticizes the alienated parent (sometimes called a “smear campaign".

The child doesn’t have any strong evidence, specific examples, or justifications for the criticisms — or only has false reasoning. The child’s feelings about the alienated parent aren’t mixed — they’re all negative, with no redeeming qualities to be found. 

The child claims the criticisms are all their own conclusions and based on their own independent thinking. (In reality,  the alienating parent is said to “brainwash" the child with these ideas.)

The child has unwavering support for the alienator. The child doesn’t feel guilty about mistreating or hating the alienated parent.

The child uses terms and phrases that seem borrowed from adult language when referring to situations that never happened or happened before the child’s memory. T

The child’s feelings of disrespect toward the alienated parent expand to include other family members related to that parent (for example, grandparents or cousins on that side of the family). 

Sociopath are the typically the ones that start the Parental Allienation. Due to them maybe being jealous that you moved on and started a new life. 

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