Hi! I am Tina

I am here to share with you what a narcissist's is about and my experience with a narcissist's.

I was married to a narcissist's for over 10 years. I was mentally, physically, emotionally and financially abused.

I was put homeless with my 3 daughters. Mind you!  I was in a state that I had no friends or family.

I had no money and I was scared to death. As we was sitting in the park I looked over at my daughters with tears in my eyes.

I promised them and myself I would never be in this position again.

I want to help other women get the knowledge of what a narcissist's is. And how you can go from a toxic relationship to thriving.

I want to give you the education you need to know about a narcassist's.  

I will teach you stratgies on self-development, and how you can get back your confidence. 

I will also teach you how you can over come financially. So you can bounce back from that toxic relationship, and start thriving and living life again.